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Our Guidelines

Our Decision-Making Guidelines

Fail forward.

We embrace failure when it is an intentional risk intended to drive the business forward. We learn from these failures and put into action processes to improve upon our learning and prevent a second occurrence.

Listen with intent.

We stop and listen with intention. We remove our lens and instead focus on what the other person is truly saying. We repeat, validate, and acknowledge another’s opinion and decide the best course of action with other’s viewpoint in mind.

Surprise and delight.

We have fun and do things for each other and our clients that increase well-being, deepen our connection, and show that we care.

Smashing Silos.

No one works alone, we follow the workflow worksheet and help when others are out.

Heads up and deliver bad news fast.

When mistakes happen, when things go south, even though you fixed it and it has been handled… give Mandy a heads up. When a mistake has happened and client needs to know, deliver bad news fast with solutions.